Perfectionism: Overcoming the Artist’s Hurdle

Perfectionism becomes a problem when it gets in the way of performance. To push past the mental block of perfectionism, I spoke with three artists who have knocked down its barriers so that they can create masterpieces.

Getting through Postpartum Anxiety

According to Postpartum Support International, 10 percent of postpartum women develop anxiety. In this post, I’m telling you about my journey through postpartum anxiety in hopes that you can find comfort if you feel the same way and the courage to seek help.

Financial Budgeting: An Essential for a Less Stressful Life

Part of taking care of yourself is finding ways to eliminate stress from your life. Money is definitely a pain point for some people, but it does NOT have to be. Here’s how taking control of my finances and being fiscally responsible through budgeting benefited me.

Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

In an effort to live more sustainably, I wanted to put everyday items that could be reused on my holiday wishlist. Most of these products are under $30, are easy switches to make and can save money long term.