Long Weekend in Colorado Springs

Colorado was a thrill – an adventure I miss. Seth & I planned a mini-vaca, just four days in Colorado Springs in October 2016. The Rocky Mountains greeted us even before we landed, peeping up over the clouds on our plane’s descent. The view each morning as we stepped outside into the crisp autumn air was a perfect picture of golden Aspen trees and towering mountains.

Our main activities were the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Seven Falls and the Garden of the Gods.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo was a great start to our vacation. It was the first zoo we had ever visited together!

Zoo Perks:

  • You get to feed giraffes. MUST do this. It’s hilarious to watch their tongues roll around and stretch out for your handfuls of lettuce.
  • Stand 5 feet away from wallabies – no barrier between you.
  • Have parakeets willingly perch on you as you give them snacks.
  • Random animals, like peacocks, walk the zoo trails by your side.

Next up, we went to Seven Falls. There are a couple of ways to do Seven Falls – take the tram to the bottom of the waterfalls or hike it. We wanted the full experience, so we hiked, taking time to appreciate the wildflowers and spot the various characters in the canyons. It’s about .08 miles up from where the bus drops you off to the bottom of the falls.

Hike to Seven Falls by Where Woman Wanders

Tips for Seven Falls:

  • If you can, hike it. Let nature soothe you as you meander through the canyons.
  • Climb the stairs to the top of the falls, but take your time. There are 3 flights of what seems like 100 stairs – the elevation might get to you.
  • As you come down the stairs… clutch the rails because oh my gosh, the vertigo!

You can’t go to Colorado Springs and not do the Garden of the Gods!

Garden of the Gods panoramic

We found a comfy spot on the rocks and got our picturesque view of Pike’s Peak in the distance. You can see where the tree line stops on the mountain, and though we would have liked to visit Pike’s Peak, we didn’t get a chance. If you get to, I recommend trying the Cog Railway. Book it early though, because it fills up fast.

View of Pikes Peak mountain from the Garden of the Gods