Experience the Bluebonnet Trails Festival in Texas

Most small towns have a unique feature or event that makes them charming. For Ennis, Texas, there’s the National Polka Fest, but better yet, there’s the Bluebonnet Trails Festival.

The Bluebonnet Trails Festival is typically in mid-April with the dates changing slightly each year depending on when the wildflowers are supposed to be in full bloom.

Growing up, I’d often hear my mother, a native-Texan, talk about how beautiful the bluebonnets were during the spring, though I’d never seen them on our vacations (that I remember). So, I put “see bluebonnets” on my “live-it” list.

During a trip to Dallas, Seth (my husband) and I loaded up in our friend’s van along with her Texas buddies and made the 30-minute drive to Ennis to see the blooms during the festival.

When we arrived at the trails, I got tickled watching moms desperately trying to get their kids, sun right in their faces, to make genuine smiles as they snapped photos in the flowers. Of course, we also took advantage of the rows of blue and red (red coming from the Indian paintbrushes) that covered the fields near Ennis.

Of course, there’s more than just flowers at this festival. In downtown Ennis, away from the flowers, vendors line up to sell everything from woodwork to brisket. There are children’s activities, arts & crafts and rides to keep you busy. Or, stop by the stage to hear some live music. Don’t forget to step into some of Ennis’ downtown shops – they have cute bluebonnet souvenirs for you to take home!

Here’s where you can get the latest information on the blooms. Also, stop by the visitor’s center in downtown Ennis (right by the railroad tracks) to get a pamphlet of all the wildflowers in the area.